Welcome to the May edition of our monthly release notes! We have a number of exciting updates to share this month, so let’s get straight to it:

New Mobile App for Lab Inventory Management

You can now take your BrightLab inventory with you wherever you go! The new BrightLab mobile app syncs with your web-based Inventory and Request modules, and allows you to view your entire list of materials and products — including product details, SDS, and location information. The app allows you to scan barcodes and QR codes, and enables you to easily deduct the materials you use and request reorders of materials that are running low.

Download from the App Store

BL MaterialsDetails mobile

Integrate Office 365 with Your Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

Office 365 ELN

This updatfeatures the integration of Office 365 in the BrightLab platform.  

There is now an option to attach an Excel 365, Word 365, or Powerpoint 365 document to your ELN pageallowing you to work online in the document, with all revisions saved directly back to BrightLab. From the ELN page, select “Add Section”, give the section a new name and select the Office 365 section type. You will be prompted to login to your Microsoft account, followed by the prompt to select which file you would like to attach.  

Withdraw ELN Page Sent for Review

Reopen ELN for Review

This new feature will reopen a locked ELN page in the review stage. If a submitter sends an ELN page for review by mistake or to the wrong reviewer, they can withdraw it from the review process which will reopen it to allow for revisions and resubmittal. From the Dashboard, click “View Pending Review”. In the “Submitted for Review” section, press “Withdraw” on the ELN page you want to withdraw. The page will be unlocked after confirmation.

Unlock ELN Page

Unlock ELN

This feature allows users to reopen a closed ELN page. When a page is closed due to being marked as complete or approval by reviewer, it can be reopened by the author for additional revisions. Simply click on the ellipses and select Reopen.  Clicking on the ‘W’ icon will display all instance of page locking and reopening.

Adding Tags to ELN Page

ELN Tags

This feature permits the user to add tags to an ELN page giving more search options. To create a tag, simply click the hashtag button, type in your tag and select it from the drop-down list, followed by clicking Add.

These tags are specific to each ELN page and are searchable from the Control Panel on the ELN Landing page.