Save Time with Excel 365 for BrightLab

We’re thrilled to announce our first major software release of 2020 – the integration of Microsoft Excel 365 with BrightLab! This is one of the most popular requests we’ve received, and now users will be able to manage spreadsheets, tables, and workbooks from their electronic lab notebook (ELN).

Excel 365 01

Part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, Excel lets you create, view, edit, and share your files with labmates quickly and easily. With BrightLab ELN integration, you will now be able to do everything from running complex formulas and pivot tables to generating detailed charts and graphs—all within the context of your experiment notes and protocols.

To insert your Microsoft Excel 365 files into BrightLab:

  • Navigate to the ELN tab and select your experiment
  • Click “Add Section” and select “Excel 365”
  • Sign into your Microsoft Office 365 account
  • Upload the .xlsx file you wish to work on

Once you’ve uploaded or created your file, you will be able to work on your spreadsheet just as you normally would in Excel. If you’re on a Mac, your Excel file will open in a new tab, and if you’re on a PC, the file will open in Excel online in a new browser window. Changes to your files will be auto-saved back to BrightLab whenever you close the Microsoft Office 365 window you’re working in. It also auto-saves regularly so that if something goes wrong, your data doesn’t suffer. (note: be sure not to close your BrightLab window or logout before your file has saved).

With this update you will be able to collaborate on spreadsheets with other lab members on shared projects and protocols. If you make edits to the file, the changes will be visible to your labmates when they next open the file.

A few troubleshooting notes:

  • If you are uploading a new Excel file, please make sure it is saved in the latest format (.xlsx)
  • When saving your file, please only use alphanumeric characters in the file name
  • Be sure not to close your BrightLab window or logout before your file has saved