In our aim to provide greater platform efficiency, we have released additional enhancements to BrightLab Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) this month.

Enhanced Search

New with this release, you can search for ELN projects by entry title or unique ID. The ability to search by title and ID is added to give you the flexibility to sift through your projects in a quick fashion on the ELN landing page. To use the search function, enter the title or ID and click the magnifying glass icon. Example shown below:

ELN Search Screen Shot

Expansion of ELN Title Character Limit

If you’d like to enter a long title to your ELN page, you’re in luck! We have increased the title character limit to 150 so you have the freedom to add longer titles to your projects.

ELN Title Character Limit

Improved Permission Levels

In this release, we have added Read & Write permissions for ELN in addition to Admin. With this introduction, ELN page specific permissions are provided and are different between the three levels. You can manage permissions and share access with lab members by selecting the “Manage Permission” option from the ellipsis icon. Permissions are inherited like sharing a folder in Google drive. Granting access to a page will automatically grant access to all subpages within the page.

ELN Permission Levels 1
ELN Permission Levels 2
Permission Function Read Write Admin
Search for ELN page Y Y Y
View the ELN page Y Y Y
Review/Witness the ELN page Y Y Y
View/download activity log Y Y Y
Download ELN page Y Y Y
Save as template Y Y Y
Write comments or to existing comment section (incl attachments) Y Y Y
Hide sections N Y Y
Sort & filter content N Y Y
Write to non-comment sections (except comment subsections) N Y Y
Edit title N Y Y
Edit tags N Y Y
Create children N Y Y
Add sections N Y Y
Edit section N Y Y
Modify child section views N Y Y
Reorder sections N Y Y
Delete sections N Y Y
Reorder Nodes N Y Y
Clone Nodes N Y Y
Move sections (to other ELN pages) N N Y
Delete Comments of others N N Y
Delete ELN page N N Y
Manage permissions (add/remove users) N N Y
Complete the page N N Y
Submit ELN for review N N Y
Move ELN page (to a different parent) N N Y