Welcome to the October edition of our monthly release notes! The following updates to Inventory Management are included in this latest release:

Inventory Landing Page

For improved view and accessibility, the inventory landing page has two levels of information where you can easily view the product and material you have searched or filtered for:

  1. Product – Properties that apply to all items in a similar group. Click the down arrow to expand and view materials added to a product
  2. Material – Properties that apply specifically to individual items of a product
BrightLab Inventory Products
BrightLab Inventory Materials

Multi-select Dispose/Delete

  1. Added the option to select multiple items from a search or landing page to delete/dispose at once
  2. Delete allows you to easily start over if you’ve made an error in individual or batch upload of inventory items
BrightLab Inventory Dispose Delete

Product Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

  1. View SDS document, safety information and hazard statement for Sigma-Aldrich catalog products
  2. Added the option to drag and drop a safety data file for products
BrightLab Inventory SDS 1

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Information

  1. Added the option to view GHS label elements and pictogram for products
  2. Click the hazard symbol of product to view GHS label elements
BrightLab Inventory GHS