Welcome to the August edition of our monthly release notes! Here are some of the latest and greatest updates that we deployed this month.

Improved E-Signature

We have improved the e-signature process to enhance data security when you are ready to mark a project as complete. Completing a project locks the content and creates an e-signature record. The execution date will be auto-populated in the system with current date upon clicking the check mark to initiate the signature process. In addition, the browser will not be allowed to auto populate your login credentials (username and password) at the time of e-signing a project. This ensures that the user who is marking a project as complete is the one to enter their username and password, which adds an additional layer of user authentication and protection while submitting a project.

E Signature Screenshot

Improved Image Controls

For ease and convenience of the user, we have added the capability to reposition images within content by drag and drop. Once you add a section with Texts/Image/File section type, you can select an image and drag it to a new location within that section.

Additional Updates

  • General polish to ELN user interface to provide intuitive experience
  • Template permissions inherit permissions from parents
  • Improved error messages to be more user friendly and actionable
  • General bug fixes

This update will be pushed to production Tuesday, August 27, 2019. Access to the application will not be impacted during this time.

Thanks for reading, and happy researching!