Welcome to the February edition of our monthly release notes! This month we are excited to announce a number of updates to our Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Equipment modules, including:

Excel 365 Integration

By popular demand, we have now enabled users to create sections in their BrightLab ELN that connect to their Excel spreadsheets via Microsoft Office 365 integration. That means you can now collaborate, calculate, create charts, and do everything else you normally would in Excel all within the context of your experiment notes and protocols. For more detailed information on this release, please click here.

Excel 365 01

Search Enhancements

We have made updates to the content search within our ELN with the introduction of partial search, meaning that in addition to full keyword search, you can now search for the content you’re looking for just by typing the first few letters of the word.

In addition, in the Equipment module, you can now search for your data files on the Data Lake, using full or partial file name as shown in the image below. Searching by the exact word generates results perfectly matching the query.

ELN partial search
equipment data search

Equipment UI Enhancements

We have made a number of tweaks and refinements to the user interface and experience in the Equipment module that we think you’ll enjoy, including:

  • Reserve Equipment with Drag and Drop: You can enter a date to reserve equipment by a simple drag and release of the cursor. This will be possible from both the Week and Day view.
  • Equipment list pagination: We have improved the Equipment landing page so that you can page through equipment when there is a large set.
  • Equipment detail navigation: You can swiftly find the information you are looking for by simply selecting the appropriate tab at the top of the page.
  • Add Equipment icon location: Improved „Add Equipment“ button location so that it is consistent with the platform and easy to locate.
  • Equipment reservation: You no longer must schedule reservations with at least a 1-minute gap because we took care of that.
  • Equipment landing page: If you are a new user and have not added your assets yet, the landing page will indicate that you have no equipment added yet. Start here!