Welcome to the April edition of our monthly release notes! Even with the entire team working remotely, we’ve still managed to push out a number of big product updates, including:

Schedule Due Dates for Equipment Maintenance and Calibration

Equipment Due Dates

This new feature allows you to set and track recurring reminders for when your lab equipment is due for maintenance or calibration. To set a reminder as a task, simply go to the calendar for your equipment, select the event due date, and enter any relevant recurrence information (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and so on). Badges indicating when Maintenance or Calibration are due will appear in the equipment calendar, as well as on the main list of your devices on the Equipment tab.

To mark a task complete, go to the new Events Due tab, click the „Mark as Complete“ checkbox, and select the date the task was completed. A record of all your completed Maintenance and Calibration tasks will be saved for later reference in this tab.

New Overview of Equipment Status

Equipment Status

This update also includes a new Status overview in your Equipment module. This allows you to see at a glance how many devices in your lab are currently out of service, past due for maintenance or calibration, or have a task assigned to them that’s due this month.

Text Editor Updates to ELN

ELN Text Editor

We have introduced a lot of usability improvements to the text editor of BrightLab ELN with this latest release, including:

  • Support for special characters
  • Font family, size, and color options have been added
  • Full screen view enabled so you have greater visibility while adding or modifying content
  • Enabled horizontal scroll so you can maintain source width of large tables copied-and-pasted into the ELN
  • Sections will automatically resize to the height of content (images, graphs, and charts), eliminating the need to vertically scroll within a section

We’ve also addressed a number of bug fixes that our users have brought to our attention, making the entire text editor more reliable and intuitive.