Reduce ordering times by 90% with integrated lab inventory, request, and order management.

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How BrightLab Ordering Works

Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Collaboration
Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Collaboration
Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Collaboration
Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Collaboration
Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Collaboration

Introducing the first fully end-to-end fulfillment solution for the modern lab. With BrightLab, you gain unprecedented visibility into your lab’s materials lifecycle — from how much inventory is being consumed to when it will be restocked — all in one, easy-to-use platform.

Run a More Efficient Lab with BrightLab

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Simplify Your Purchasing Process

Make procurement and purchasing painless with an intuitive new eCommerce experience.

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Streamline Your Team’s Requests

Organize all your lab’s requests and track approvals with a shared shopping list.

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Find What You Need Faster

Quickly search for reagents, consumables, labware, and supplies with complete catalog integration.

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Track Your Orders Instantly

Eliminate guesswork with automatic notifications for order approvals, shipping, backorders, and more.

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Accelerate Reordering and Receiving

Automate reorders when supplies run low with integrated, end-to-end inventory management.

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Keep Your Catalogs Current

Gain real-time visibility into product availability and contractual pricing with all suppliers.

Comprehensive Order Management Software for Your Lab

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Inventory Monitoring

  • Upload and track all the materials used in your lab, regardless of vendor or supplier.
  • Advanced search and filter let you effortlessly locate and retrieve lab materials.
  • Timely notifications alert you when items in your inventory are running low, expiring, or out of stock.
  • Set minimum and maximum levels to ensure consistent inventory availability.
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Requests & Approvals

  • Monitor material requests across the entire lab with one centralized, collaborative list.
  • Create approval workflows based on user permissions to bring order to your lab’s requests.
  • Flag “Urgent” and “Do Not Substitute” material requests to ensure you get what you need when you need it.
  • View a complete history of the materials in your lab that have been requested, ordered, and received.
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Order Submission

  • Integration with ERPs and eProcurement platforms lets you consolidate ordering across multiple vendors, catalogs, and currencies.
  • Seamlessly order from the same ecosystem your lab uses to manage inventory and requests.
  • View real-time product availability, negotiated pricing, and order status.
  • Reorder previously requested materials with a single click.
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Tracking & Receiving

  • Get instant notifications when your order is approved, shipped, and received.
  • View all current and historical order information in a single location.
  • Specify cost centers or grants to track spending and automatically assign order numbers.
  • Easily update your inventory report when an order is received.
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» BrightLab has transformed our chemical management processes. We now have complete oversight of our chemical inventory across multiple sites, including hazard identification and safety documentation, as well as the ability to reorder at the touch of a button. BrightLab is the complete system for the modern laboratory. « – Emmet Campion, Lab Manager

Popular Order Integrations

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BrightLab offers custom configurations with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and eProcurement platforms to streamline ordering processes for life science labs, including:

  • Integrations with your institution’s SAP ERP or Ariba instances, to access your complete vendor catalog at your contractual prices
  • Vendor-neutral purchasing support from any supplier, including Thermo Fischer, Eppendorf, Gilson, as well as common office supplies.
  • Customizable solutions for native, in-house ordering applications, as well as optional on-premise or cloud installations.
  • Plug-and-play ordering integration with your lab’s Sigma-Aldrich or EMD Millipore accounts.