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MilliporeSigma’s New BrightLab™ Cloud-hosted Software Brings IoT to R&D

  • Provides scientists with cloud-based tools to improve research efficiency, processes; automates data flow
  • Instrument connectivity feature allows for accessible, real-time monitoring of centralized and synched lab data
  • Software addresses lab management challenges such as manual data transcription and review

Burlington, Massachusetts, February 11, 2020 – MilliporeSigma today introduced its BrightLab™ cloud-based inventory management and instrument connectivity platform for research scientists. The new software includes an electronic lab notebook, which allows scientists and lab managers to track and update experiments from any computer or mobile device.

“In today’s research environment, analog methods of documentation and analysis often take us away from the research itself,” said Klaus-Reinhard Bischoff, head of Research Solutions at MilliporeSigma. “By centralizing essential research information, we are empowering scientists to be more productive, save time and avoid costly errors.”

Recognizing the increasing demand for data automation, MilliporeSigma’s BrightLab™ software connects lab instruments to the cloud via application programming interface and Internet of Things (IoT) integrations, avoiding the need for manual transcription. It saves researchers hours of unnecessary review, allowing for more time at the bench. The platform also automates workflows and produces a secure, searchable archive of reports. All information on the cloud is accessible to only to designated users since the platform is designed with SSL encryption and provides data integrity with audit trails and regular backups built in.

“As a CTO for a stem cell therapeutic company, data management is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for our clinical efficacy readiness,” said Cenk Sumen, chief technology officer, Stemson Therapeutics. “We went with (the) BrightLab™ (platform) to help us bring the lab into the 2020s and to make data management efficient, user-friendly and supportive so that the system works as your virtual assistant to remind you when your stock is running low, to help steer you to prioritizing what you need to do.”

MilliporeSigma’s BrightLab™ platform recognizes that every lab has its own devices, so it connects with a growing library of supported instruments. Once set up, scientists can search data across projects and experiments. Lab equipment maintenance reminders, calibrations and protocols are saved in one place to stay organized and, ultimately, speed up the discovery process.

The platform is available at no charge to individual lab customers in academia. For those in industry, a 30-day free trial is available on to test the product and gain familiarity with its core lab function optimization features.

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