BrightLab Instrument Connectivity brings research

automation to the next level

Automate data capture up to 5X faster with IoT integration and lab instrument connectivity.

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A breakthrough in breaking through

Say goodbye to hours spent with manual transcription and verification. Say hello to automatically generated and scheduled reports — from the device to your desktop.

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Curiosity quantified

Combine multiple devices into one streamlined workflow, which for one lab cut down the number of manual steps by 80% and saved countless hours of employee review.

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Scheduling simplified

Take the hassle out of planning with automatically scheduled data exports, built-in reminders for instrument calibrations and maintenance, and shared instrument calendars

Lab Instrument Connect Software
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Vendor agnostic, multi-devicelab integration

  • Guarantee the best set-up for your lab with on-site consultation and implementation
  • Seamlessly integrate and cloud-enable all your benchtop devices
  • Connect with a growing library of supported instruments — from incubators and cell counters to osmometers and metabolic analyzers
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Data-driven discoveries

  • Automate the capturing, tagging, storing, parsing, and analyzing of data
  • Support any device-specific file format
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Save time and stay organized

  • Keep lab equipment maintenance reminders, calibrations, and protocols all saved in one place
  • Share instrument calendars to see availabilities
  • Add unique locations to devices to help keep track
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