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Storage and Data Security

Apart from the users with specific access privileges, the application does not provide data access to any external entities. 

Data is backed up and stored on to the Google Cloud Storage in multi-regional storage buckets. The data backup for the disks is taken on daily, weekly and monthly basis creating three instances of data backup for the same data. 

Logging, monitoring, and resource management services of the application helps us to respond more effectively if a security breach occurs by offering the data that enables forensic investigation of the malicious activity. This allows us to quickly determine the root cause and prevent future attacks from successfully exploiting the same vulnerability.

Audit Logs are available within the application. The audit logs are created as and when an action is performed by the user.

BrightLab™ is secured by Web Application Firewall, which protects it from cyber-attacks in addition to blocking requests from suspicious sources. The access to the web application is limited to individuals who are invited to the platform via email.  

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