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Onboarding and Demos

If you opt to have the BrightLab team provide onboarding services, the process typically includes an initial short demo from sales. This may also be a discovery call to see how BrightLab can best serve your lab’s needs. If you want to provide training to members of your lab, then an in-depth webinar training of the BrightLab platform may be provided. Depending on the goals of your team, the training will cover all features and functionality within BrightLab, or a specific module in greater length. You can request general or specific module training by letting the trainer know ahead of time.

We do not put any restriction on training group size at this time.

You will receive an email invitation from BrightLab in your inbox. Click Accept Invite and you will be directed to the login portal. Be sure to bookmark this website for easy access to the login portal! Please note, if you have a Sigma-Aldrich account, you will use your Sigma-Aldrich email address and password to log in to BrightLab. If you have forgotten your Sigma-Aldrich account password, you may reset it by visiting

Yes. We offer training to existing and new customers who are interested in using BrightLab to improve their lab workflows and processes.

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