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Hosting and Local Installation

Yes, BrightLab™ platform is designed as a cloud-based solution accessible through any device using the respective internet browsers to access the platform. Use the URL  to access the platform where you can login by providing your credentials like username/email and password. Upon login, you will be able to navigate through your labs and will be able to access the various modules based on role privileges.

BrightLab™ is hosted in Google Cloud Platform, which is a suite of public cloud computing services offered by Google. Through cloud computing, the platform is available and accessible 24/7 through the Internet.

No.  BrightLab™ is a web-based application and runs on the cloud servers, enabled by the Google Cloud Platform. As an end user, you can directly access it through your internet browser and no installation is required to run this application. You can enter the URL any device in your browser’s address bar and you will be able to land on the web-app, from where you can login.

BrightLab™ is currently best supported on Google Chrome. Ongoing efforts on performance improvements and bug fixes will allow BrightLab™ to be supported on other browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari, in the future.

There is no single installable file for BrightLab™ as of now. We have on premise solution to be implemented in future but we have not validated it yet.

No. BrightLab™ is a cloud-based application which can be accessed on your browser. You can use Chrome to access the application but there is no option to download it as a web application.

Yes! BrightLab™ has a dedicated app for iPhone and Android users which helps users to manage their inventory right from their desks by updating their data and scanning products with the help of the mobile app.

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