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Lab Equipment Management

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Click on the „Add Equipment“ icon located along the right navigation panel below the cart icon. Fill in the required fields and click on “Add” when finished.

Equipment “Name” and “Type” are mandatory fields that need to be filled if you want to add equipment.

You can add model number and other details by clicking “More” located below the serial number. Click on “Add” when finished.

Choose vendor using the „+“ icon or manually add a custom vendor.

Choose manufacturer using the „+“ icon or manually add a custom vendor.

You can simply drag an image file and add it to the equipment. You can do it from two places. One is when you add equipment, and the other is on the equipment detail page.

Yes, you can add description to equipment. You can do it from two places. One is by clicking “More” when you add equipment. The other option is to use the edit option to add description on the equipment detail page.

Firmware is a small piece of software that makes hardware work and do what its manufacturer intended it to do. It consists of programs written by software developers to make hardware devices „tick.“

Firmware version can be found on the equipment manufacturer’s manual or the equipment software.

Go to the Equipment detail page and check the box for „Out of Service,“ located below the equipment picture.

To view equipment details, click on the equipment name to be directed to the detail page.

Click on the equipment name to go to the detail page. Click on the pencil icon to edit the equipment details and enter save when finished.

You can sort equipment by name and type. To sort, click the sort icon located above the equipment list on the landing page.

Go to equipment detail page by clicking the equipment name. To delete equipment, click the delete icon (trash can box) located at far right of the detail page next to the date.

Equipment can’t be cloned, but they can be manually added.

JPG and PNG files that are 2 MB or smaller can be attached.

To reserve equipment, click on the calendar icon located to the far right of the equipment name. Enter the start date, end date, reservation option and description (optional). Click on “Schedule” when finished.

You can update equipment reservations by clicking on an existing reservation from the calendar view. Click on “Reschedule” once finished to save changes.

Yes, you can view equipment reservations by list which is the default view. Other views include day, week and month.

You can view the reservations you made for individual equipment by clicking the calendar icon. In the calendar view, check the box for “Show only my reservations” located at the top left to view your reservations for a specific equipment.

Click the calendar icon from the landing page or detail page to view equipment availability.

To view the data generated from equipment, click the “Data Lake” tab next to the equipment tab.

Yes, you can search for data by equipment name using the magnifying glass search icon on the data lake page.

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