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Introducing BrightLab™, an integrated lab platform designed to streamline workflow and accelerate discovery.

Instead of disparate, inefficient solutions that serve individual lab processes, BrightLab™ offers a single, integrated platform that combines ELN functionality, inventory management and a growing ecosystem of tools developed by MilliporeSigma.

With a seamless connection between people, projects and consumables, BrightLab™ helps ensure your team always has the resources and information to keep moving forward.

Inventory management

BrightLab™ Inventory Management provides tools to efficiently track availability, maintain supply levels and consolidate the ordering process.

  • Better ensure material availability
  • Streamline material lifecycle tracking
  • Automatically update inventory with new orders

Research Hub

The BrightLab™ Research Hub offers a collaborative, easy-to-use electronic lab notebook that simplifies documentation and compliance.

  • View or search experiment notes from anywhere
  • Create templates to establish protocols
  • Eliminate redundant documentation practices
  • View up-to-date inventory against project requirements

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