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Our Story

Of all the instruments in science, it’s arguable that none has made a more prolific contribution to progress than pen and paper. But in today’s complex research environment, analog methods of documentation and analysis inhibit more opportunities than they enable. Limited transparency, lost data and duplicated reporting efforts mean your team spends unnecessary time in support of research that could be better spent on research itself. Labs need a solution that empowers their workflow with connectivity, efficiency and simplicity—advancements that the right digital tools can now facilitate.

Introducing BrightLab, a cloud-based research platform that brings people and consumables together to optimize workflow and accelerate discovery. An intuitive dashboard provides a lab-wide view of all your inventory, facilitates collaboration and action among your team, and ensures everyone’s work is trackable and searchable from anywhere. Dedicated tools allow you to view notes in real-time, view up-to-date inventory against project requirements, and leverage built-in ordering from Sigma-Aldrich to replenish stock. And instrument connectivity offers even more opportunity to enhance your potential for discovery.

Research should be focused on curiosity and achievement, not operational issues. BrightLab from MilliporeSigma helps you optimize the way you work, so you can focus on breaking through in your work.